Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fabric Disaster

Fabric has completely taken over my life (as well as my apartment). I have put myself on a very strict fabric shopping budget. I refuse to buy any more fabric, no matter how much I desperately need it - or want it. But what if it's on sale? Oh my!

My biggest has been that my sewing output does not match my fabric input, and thus I have mass quantities of yardage floating around. I think one problem is that I will have so many ideas for what I want to do with something, that I have a hard time actually deciding what to do. I have found that I prefer hoarding my fabric, waiting for some special occasion or project. But - what I really need is to stop thinking, and just start doing. Sometimes I get lost in blogs and web sites looking at the wonderful outfits so many people are doing (check out rae*danae to see what I mean). And I need to focus and just get busy.

So, in these last few days of Spring Break I'm going to make a commitment to finishing everything I set out to do, plus STUDY, plus clean my apartment! I'm not sure about that last one - but if I can get a handle on my fabric disaster then I'll be halfway towards reaching that goal.

Ok, enough whining - back to sewing!

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