Monday, March 5, 2007

Law School Exams and Spring Break

Picnic Island, Tampa
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My spring break won't be here unfortunately. I'll be busy concentrating on getting ready for law school exams which will always seem to come faster then I expect.

I have five written exams this semester, which is the most I've ever had. And, for those who might not understand how law school works, your exam is typically 100% of your grade for the whole class. In one case last year my exam was the only grade for an entire year. Occasionally some professors give some credit for class attendance, but overall your entire law school career rides on one, lousy grade. For me this has turned out to be a struggle. I've always been a natural test taker and expected this to carry on in law school. Unfortunately, unless you are exceptionally and brilliant, your exam grade directly correlates to the amount of time you are able(willing?) to put in. Of course a little bit of intelligence doesn't hurt.

Being a mom with two kids automatically cuts my available study time to a bare minimum. Sleeping time is non-existent and I HAVE to give myself enough time to be crafty, otherwise I just can't function.

So, if you feel some waves of stress coming from this direction in late April, think of me and send some good vibes my way.

BTW, that photograph was taken in Florida in December of 2005.

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