Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tropical Hula Tote - SOLD


I've listed the popular Michael Miller Hula tote on ebay again. If you are interested please check it out, and if you are a blog reader I will add a monogram for free. Just mention it when checking out, and mention what initial you would like, and where you would like it.For example, you could get a large "J" on the outside or inside, or I can embroider a name up to 8 letters or 3 medium size initials on the inside or outside. Just let me know! :)Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cowgirl Bucket Tote - Sold

There is a new tote in my Etsy shop. It's like a little bucket tote, and would be appropriate for either a young girl or lady looking for a fun, cowgirl themed bag.I hope you like it!Buy the Bag--SOLD

Monday, April 9, 2007

Use What You Have Month

I'm officially joining Rhembein and others in "Use What You Have Month." I've complained about this before, as I have a problem with my sewing output not matching my fabric input. I know lots of people like having a big stash. I don't. To me, it's a little wasteful to have so much fabric that goes unused. Maybe it's because of my limited budget or my limited space, but I like to buy only what I need. I recently gave away a huge amount of fabric that was going unused. I donated it to Lizzy's high school sewing class, at least I feel like I was contributing to a good cause.

Not that stashes are all bad, it is nice to be able to select a pattern and then go shopping from the "stash" without having to hit the local fabric mart. And perhaps in the long run it will be more cost-effective. I am finding that co-ops are a great way to build a stash fast, although I usually end up with lots of fabric. But it is a good savings, as long as I use it. Between the coops, 40% coupons and sales I might just be able to keep my overall costs down.

All that being said, I'm happy to be a part of Use What You Have Month. Although I really wish it was in May and not April. I won't be able to do as much as I want because of exams. But I suppose there is no reason I can't keep going after April is over.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

Oh crappy day! The weather is horrible and freezing cold, and no one is feeling very good today. Everyone is fighting a nasty cold as a result of the extreme temperature and humidity changes. I'm particular thankful that our building management decided NOT to turn off the heat yet this year. Last year they turned it off too early and ended up turning it on and off two or three times before the temps warm consistently. We live in one of those old Midwest buildings that requires the entire building to be drained (3 days) before the heat can be started. So switching from heat to air and vice-versa is not a simple affair.

We'll have a nice Easter dinner though! I've made this a few times and it's wonderful. As a result, I'm now a huge fan of Cooks Illustrated.

I did start two new projects today. One is an adorable tote made with Alexander Henry cowgirl fabrics. I used the new ruffler and I think this makes it very fresh and feminine.

The second is Simplicity 3882, which I picked up at the Jo-Anns weekend sale. I'm going to sew view C in a solid pistachio green knit for Lizzy. It's all cut out but I don't have any matching thread and I'll definitely need some for the top-stitching, otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Originally uploaded by rusewcrazy.

It's not quite what I originally had planned, i.e., extra lace, frills, embroideries, smocking and/or insertions. but I was starting to feel like she was going to have to wear something storebought. That just won't do for Easter Sunday.

I've been working on this dress for a while, it's actually really simple but it's been my practice piece for my brand new ruffler (thank you eBay) and I had to do a lot of tweaking to get the gathering just right. It's a little big, and Olivia is not that crazy about it, but I think with a simple white tshirt underneath it will be ok. She has dark olive coloring, and yellow just suits her perfectly.

If she let's me take a picture on Sunday I'll post that, but I like the hangar photo because you can see the cute Minnie Mouse lining.