Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday's Card

Tuesday's Card

The red glitter bird was originally going to be a Flamingo. A few
weeks ago I had ordered a custom QK Flamingo die from a scrapbook
store in Tallahassee (Go 'Noles!). I had planned to use them on these
kraft paper cards with a very basic sentiment. Since I'm originally
from Florida, I wanted to use the "warm wishes" sentiment with the
pink flamingo for a nice, Florida-themed card. I cut 20 of these
cards, stamped them, then cut out 20 matching flamingoes. What I
didn't realize until too late was that the flamingoes were HUGE. As
in, a good couple of inches taller then the card. I tried trimming the
legs, but that just made him look awkward.

I guess they are meant for scrapbook pages, not cards. I was a little
disappointed. I suppose I could have cut the cards bigger but I like
using a half sheet of 8 1/2 x 11. Oh well!

So, I have all these kraft cards. And since I was playing with glitter
I decided to do a red glittery bird (BG chipboard). It's cute and will
go to someone local since I'm only mailing perfectly flat cards this
year due to postage.

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