Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Crafty Resolutions

New Years Day is probably one of my favorite holidays. The slate is wiped clean, and it's a chance to start fresh and try new things. I always enjoy reflecting on the past year, and sorting out my priorities and where I want to be at the next New Year.

I have high hopes that this year will be incredible. I am finally done with school. Most of the major transition events (grad school, moving, etc) in our lives are over, and we can focus on getting settled and embracing the life we have here, and returning to activities we love. I still have one hurdle in my way (that pesky bar exam) but of course, one of my resolutions is to get that taken care of this year.

This year, in addition to a number of financial and health-related resolutions, I have some crafty resolutions as well. You'll notice that many of these are scrapbook related. For some reason (and I think it's the whole "starting fresh" thing) I tend to do a LOT more scrapbooking at the beginning of the year. It might possibly be the 40% off sale that happens at my favorite scrapbook shop every year, or the pathetic attempt I make at trying out for a certain DT every New Year (yes, it's true), but I'd like to think that it all comes back to my desire to reflect on the past, and be ready for the new year.

Without further ado, here are a couple of my crafty-related resolutions for the year:

  • Project 365 - I plan to fully commit to taking a daily picture and keeping up with this project. I LOVE this idea and I think the kit looks great. I'm not going to do one specific theme, but will just keep it focused on the little events and things that happen in the life of our family. The kits go on sale today, and I have a feeling I'd better order quickly because there is a little buzz about this already. (Edited to add, this sold out so fast, I didn't even get a chance to try to order it :( )

  • Finish getting my photos into albums. Not necessarily scrapbooks, but I at least want a hard copy of my digital pictures in an album. This is going to require the purchase of a good printer and several albums, as I currently have 9,846 images in iPhoto. I have the Stacy Julian book Photo Freedom, but have not had a chance to put her system into place, now that we are "settled" this is one of the projects I would like to put into action.

  • Build up a stash of cards, especially thank you and birthday cards for 5 and 6 year-olds. :)

Do YOU have any crafty-related resolutions? I'd really love to read them. Please post in the comments below. If you need help getting started, I have a few suggestions.

  • Use more, buy less. 

  • Backup your digital photos. If you are not doing this, then please, make this task a priority. I have a double backup system, but it still needs improvement. I backup nightly to an external harddrive and monthly to Flickr, but I want to add a second drive to my plan and store it offsite, like in safe deposit box. Yes, I am really obsessive about this.

  • Scrapbook at least one layout a day/week/month. Whatever works for you.

  • Have your Christmas cards finished in October (ooh, I might use this for myself!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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