Thursday, February 5, 2009

Have you seen Webster's Pages?

Me either, until now. I saw a few sneaky peekys during the CHA extravanganza, but didn't spend any time at their site. Lucky for me, I picked a good day to visit because they are having a contest. Share the love with your friends, and get a chance to win the collection. Well, this is me - sharing the love. Just take one look at the super-pretty blog and you'll get the idea. The Web site is even prettier. I hope my LSS ordered this stuff - I'm all over it. :)

Check out the blog and find out how to win!

The picture to the left is just one example of their products. The pic provided by Websters was humongo, so I unfortunately had to take it down and replace it with a smaller file. But please take a second to mosey on over there and take a look at the full line.

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