Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Air Force Thunderbirds Photo Gallery

We live within a few hours of an Air Force base, and as a child we'd travel to the annual air shows, only within a few hours drive. I've always loved them and really get a kick out of seeing the fighter jets in particular. our (very fragile) vintage windows.

After about five minutes I realized this wasn't the typical F-16 flyover. I ran out the front door to be greeted by the site of a red, white and blue Air Force Thunderbird screaming overhead. They were practicing for the air show this weekend! Woo hoo! We stayed outside for at least 30 minutes watching them run through their routine.

This is the view from our backyard when they practice. I had the chance to speak to a crew member and learned a little more about their schedule. The Thunderbirds arrive at their site on a Thursday, practice on Thursday and Friday at showtime (to get used to the sun angles, etc), perform during the weekend and depart on the Monday to their home base in Las Vegas. Their only day off is Wednesday.

#5 or #6 going directly over the house.

A nice shot of their delta formation.

#1,#2, #3 & #4

Engine shut-down. Amazing show.

I don't know the story here. This plane is being towed by a tow truck. The number
has been removed.

#5 Lead Solo Major Tyrone Douglas. He is upside-down for the majority of the show, as his patch(click) & plane number indicate.

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