Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Standard Twilight Blog Post

Over the past several months several of my favorite bloggers have discussed the book series (and now movie) by Stephenie Meyers called "Twilight." Surely you're familiar? I learned the premise of the books and dismissed the idea of reading them because I really should be studying and not getting obsessed with a novel. I still wasn't convinced after one of my childhood friends told me she read the books, which was a real shocker considering she's never been shy about her distaste for reading. After my oldest daughter picked up the Twilight bug when she saw a picture of Edward, I decided to read the novel. And really, I wasn't impressed. It took me a couple weeks to get through it, and I only finished because I hate unfinished projects.

Continual begging from the oldest led to us finally seeing the movie in the theater a few weeks ago. I had to giggle at some of the other patrons, when we sat down we were asked "how many times" had we seen it so far? Because of Lea's multiple viewings, I wasn't surprised when they told me they'd seen it 10 times.

Surprisingly, I really liked the movie. Especially the baseball scene. Wow! (Who doesn't love Jasper's baseball flipping action?;) )

I've since read New Moon (which I thought was much better written then the first) and I'll probably take Liz to one of the DVD release parties.

Who knew?

I like Twilight because of the aesthetic appeal. I made the bracelet above using my Simply Swank Kit and some photos that I printed on my photo printer, after editing in Photoshop. My soldering needs a *lot* of work! But it sure is fun. :) BTW - This was of course heavily inspired by Lea Sanders awesome Twilight Charm Bracelet, linked below. :) Thanks for the inspiration Lea!!!

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