Monday, April 27, 2009

Received my Inkadinkado stamps

Just in case you are interested - I received my free stamps from Inkadinkado today. I got these for sending them three Inkadinkado cards. Fun! Thanks Inkadinkado!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disney Birthday Celebration

Olivia turned 6 yesterday! Sooo, guess where we went? :)
Maybe you have heard that Disney offers free admission to their theme parks on your birthday? For folks who already have annual passes, going on your birthday means you get to pick a free gift on your birthday. This can either be a special birthday FastPass or a gift card in an amount equivalent to the cost of a one-day ticket.
Since we received annual passes last Christmas, we were able to go and take advantage of the birthday gift card. I originally had planned to select the Birthday FastPass due to crowds, but there are limited rides it can be used on and Space Mountain is closed for refurbishment, so we decided to get a gift card instead. This turned out to be a good idea as we just got regular FastPasses for the rides we wanted to go on, and the girls don't seem to mind standing in line. Olivia prefers the shows anyway (although she's starting to develop a taste for fast rides). Oh, we got to finally find and meet Lady Tremaine and the Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella. They were awesome :)
Here's a few pics from our day yesterday. It was tons of fun, and only cost $12 for parking. We brought a bunch of sandwiches, snacks and sodas. And Olivia had a $63 gift card to spend on whatever she wanted in the park, so I didn't have to pay anything. Yay! She used it on a Pinocchio DVD, a Minnie spinning toy and I got a fanny pack (no laughing - they are seriously awesome to have in the parks).
I do have one crafty item to share related to yesterday. Are you familiar with Tim Holtz' Mini-Misters? Those are the great little spritz bottles, used for stamping and crafting? I have about 10 of them, and it finally occurred to me that they would be great at the park. It fits perfectly in your pocket, and when you need a little cooling off, just give yourself a spritz.
Anyway, it was a fun day. The girls had a great time, and both were ready to get up and go to school today despite getting home after 9PM last night. More pics on my flickr photostream.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock Star - Inkadinkado

Hey y'all! My crafty mojo is starting to creep back, kind of like the water in our county's nearly empty reservoir. (Nothing like watering the tomatoes at 3am, but that's another story).

I still had my Inkadinkado stamps out after yesterday's last minute card mini-marathon, so I put Rock Star back to work again, along with some Heather Bailey Freshcut paper (love the fabric equally as much!).

Our church has had an interim pastor for over a year now, and Sunday is her last day before our new minister arrives. I originally planned to go with something very inspirational, like this, with at least a cross, a bible verse and some flowers. But when I reflected on my personality and the relationship that my girls and I have with this minister, I realized that I wanted to say, "You Rock." It may not be the most churchy - but it really expresses how I feel. Going to miss her very much!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Inkadinkado Cards

Here are the three cards I sent to Inkadinkado for the free stamp offer. For every card sent in, Inkadinkado will send a stamp from their grab bag. The deadline was the 15th, so I sent mine in yesterday, just in the nick of time! I'll post a picture of my stamps when I get them. :)

Here are the cards I sent: