Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Exhibitors, Winter CHA 2009 - Part 1

A few of the new companies exhibiting this year have some cool and funky products. If any of these look interesting to you, make sure you let your local scrapbook or stamp store know that these are products you would be interested in purchasing (and let them know the booth number as well)!

Check back Friday for more new CHA exhibitors to be on the lookout for!

  • Animal Spirit Stamps - A line of clear stamps based on the stunning, Native-American inspired artwork of Sue Coccia. These would be beautiful to color with your favorite markers or pencils. You must see these stamps. Booth #2711 

  • jillibean soup - A charming line of scrapbooking products, including patterned paper, journaling blocks and ribbon with fun names and some are printed on kraft paper. Booth #2712

  • Me and Carrie Lou - (Settle down stampers, I can hear you squealing already!!) This line of stamps was recently acquired by Sande McDonald of Violette's in Lakeland. (Sidenote: Violette's is the most amazing, stamp and papercraft store ever to grace the planet). If you are not familiar with these stamps, Jerri Jimenez uses these frequently on her beautiful blog. Booth #2505 

  • PhotoPearls - This is not a papercraft company, but it's so unique and cool that I had to share it. Do you remember pegboard art, those little plastic shapes which use little beads that are ironed and melted to make fun little craft projects for kids? Well, PhotoPearls, a Swedish company, has taken pegboard art to a whole new level. Using a computer, photos are scanned and then converted into a grid that is then printed on a home printer. Place the grid under your clear pegboard, and place the corresponding bead color (kind of like paint-by-number). The final result is pegboard art that resembles the original photo! Booth #2817 

  • Riff Raff Designs - Intricate and stylish laser-cut chipboard designs. Check out their etsy shop for a little sneaky peek at these really pretty shapes. Booth #2819


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