Monday, June 29, 2009

KITCHEN: Ad Hoc Fried Chicken

I don't know how it happened. One moment, I'm entrenched in studying, trying to understand the subtle nuances of hearsay law, working, concentrating, determined to try to salvage a little nugget of knowledge that I might remember in less then a month. Then suddenly, my mind goes blank. I wake up, drooling on my keyboard, staring at a photograph of fried chicken on my laptop. Somehow, in the moments between Federal Rules of Evidence 803 and 804, I found myself sucked into the world of food blogs, and like a magnet to a refrigerator, like a fly to elephant dung, landed on a recipe for fried chicken. This particular version was from Ad Hoc, a Thomas Keller dig way out in California. A recipe for a dish that has become so revered, Williams-Sonoma even has a kit for it. A recipe so compelling that I have been googling it for the past hour. Is it really that interesting? Or is evidence law just that painful?

Personally, I love fried chicken. Eating it, and making it. My last attempt was nearly perfect. I had painstakingly cut up a whole chicken, a technique I've mastered from watching YouTube videos**. Well, long story short (just in case Mom is reading this - love you!), let's just say my mother intervened when I wasn't looking and altered the recipe. :)

Oh, and do you want to see what happens to people when they don't get their fried chicken? Then please, watch this immediately. It's LOL funny.

Check back in a few days, I'm planning to make the Ad Hoc Fried Chicken using the Williams-Sonoma kit this week for the Fourth of July. I'll take pictures. Save your appetite!

**YouTube has several videos on cutting a whole chicken but I like this one the best. She is very easy to follow and I've been successful with her technique.

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