Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bon Appetit Coffee-rub Burgers with Texas Barbecue Sauce

I hope my crafty readers don't mind, but I have another cooking post for today! My July 2009 issue of Bon Appetit magazine had several grilling recipes, including one for coffee-rubbed burgers with a Texas barbecue sauce. I was originally going to make them for July 4th, but my fried chicken schedule (more on that in a few days) required me to switch things up.

You can see the recipe for the burger and the sauce here and here.

Unfortunately there is no picture to go with the post. My Nikon D50 was giving me a CHA error, which appears to be related to a bad SD card - so I didn't get a nice pic last night. Darn!

The burgers turned out great, but it had little to do with the coffee rub and barbecue sauce and more to do with using high-quality beef and cooking them on the grill with mesquite chips. I typically just purchase ground round or chuck, whatever is cheapest. The recipe suggested grass-fed beef, which I couldn't find locally (at a price I was willing to pay) so I purchased the Publix Greenwise beef. This beef is still corn-fed, but is antibiotic and hormone free, which I like.

I prepared the recipes exactly, other than adding my mesquite wood chips to the grill. Everyone enjoyed them, but the barbecue sauce and rub didn't really add anything, IMO. Maybe we're just not used to barbecue sauce on burgers? The sauce was good, but a little spicy for our taste, and we generally like hot foods. However, it was really easy and cheaper than buying pre-made so I'm going to try to make my own bbq sauce from now on. I couldn't even taste the coffee rub on the burgers though, and I used a liberal amount before grilling! I'm not sure why that didn't work out, and I will not do it again. I really like McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning and I'm just going to stick with that.

My ad hoc fried chicken is going to be done today. It went through the brine last night and I'll be battering soon.

Happy 4th of July!

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