Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughts on Lifestyle Craft's Home Letterpress Machine

Hey all -

In case you missed it, Quickutz release a new product line yesterday for home letterpress card making, the Lifestylecraft "L". It's a set of products designed to fit into the new Epic Six machine. One of my biggest questions is whether or not the kit will fit into the Sizzix Big Shot/Big Kick. I really didn't want to buy a new machine, because the Big Shot Pro is in my horizon's some day, but I'm also a big QK fan and would be willing to be enabled to get the Epic if it was necessary to do the letterpress.

I had a chance to do some "research" and I believe that the letterpress kit WILL fit in the Big Kick. The height of the opening is about 7/8 of a inch, while the Big Kick is just a hair over 1 1/8 inch. Because the Big Kick also has a slight edge in width, the platform should go through just fine. However, because letterpress requires the pressure from going through the rollers, we probably will have to add a 1/2" shim of some sort.

Also, GeorgiaMolly on 2ps gave the Epic Six a poor review, so I'm probably just going to wait and see what happens. Although I can't imagine why it wouldn't cut cleanly in the middle - unless the platform is unstable for some reason? The rollers should provide even pressure throughout?

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