Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cricut Projects

Here's a few pics of some Cricut projects I've been working on, including vinyl on ceramic tiles and freezer paper t-shirts. The monogram on the tile is from The tiles were $.54 at Lowe's. The t-shirt designs use fonts and images I downloaded from the internet and cut with Sure Cuts-A-Lot (SCAL).

Olivia's shirt. I wanted to do an outline image, but she decided to do multiple paint colors and it just didn't turn out very well, but you can see what the freezer paper looks like anyway.

A t-shirt for a boy. The font is "Stencil" which I think is on most computers and is wonderful for stenciling and t-shirt painting because there are no little pieces. No wonder the military uses it. The tank is from a dingbat font of WWII tanks.

The kids, very happy with their shirts!

I love these tiles. I've seen a number of people do these in the blogosphere and decided to give it a try. It was incredibly easy and a very economical project. The tiles were about 54-cents, and the vinyl is the black Cricut vinyl. The monogram alphabet was $4.95 at I haven't sealed the vinyl at all, I just applied it directly and am leaving it alone. I have to deliver these tomorrow so I'm not going to mess with them. But I will experiment some more with other tiles and will try some sort of lacquer. Does anyone have any suggestions for sealing products that won't give me cancer?

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