Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week In The Life - In Progress

Hello there! I'm on day 4 of my A Week In The Life project and it's going well.I feel like I've been collecting some decent pictures and memorabilia, but I have this feeling that I won't know if I've been successful or not until I sit down and collectively put the whole thing together. Right now it just feels like a list of really boring activities, pictures of really boring places and lots of fast food wrappers (well, not that many but it seems like all I have for some days).

I find myself taking a lot of pictures in the morning but not so many through the day. Technically I'm not supposed to be snapping photos in my office, and the people I work with act like I'm Voldemort when I pull out the camera. As if taking a picture is going to make them explode or something. What's up with that? Then after 5PM I just totally blank. I'll have to work on that tonight, taking more pics of the evening routine!

Anyway, all for now as I'm at work and can't upload any pics from here.

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