Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Is Over

Hello world! I've really been missing my blog lately. Our life has been in transition this summer, in a good way - I finally have a small craft room and I'm so ready to get back to making cards and scrapbooks. I haven't made anything in weeks!  Yikes!

Since it's back to school tomorrow, I wanted to share with you a nice little surprise. Last year I learned about this wonderful, eco-friendly lunch box from a company called Goodbyn.  It's eco-friendly because it completely eliminates the need for little plastic bags and juice boxes. And so kid friendly because it's cute, comes in great colors and includes a ton of durable stickers for decorating exterior. Anyway, the reason we're so excited because Goodbyn used a picture of my daughter Olivia with her Goodbyn on their homepage. Yay! (P.S. We're not affiliated with this company, nor were we compensated for the photograph. I paid for the Goodbyn with my own cold-hard cash).

All for tonight. Time to get the kiddo ready for her first day of 2nd grade. Check out this post from last year - guess what, I never did get caught up! But I've got something on the way that I really hope will fix that problem. :)