Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project Life, Fail.

I had decided to give it a chance. I wasn't going to do a photo every day, but I thought I'd at least try a layout or two per month as I loved how all the pieces coordinated and were ready to assemble, all I needed were pictures.

However, my kit was a mess. The binder was broken and the page protectors don't fit. I know I could have asked for a replacement, but having seen that the binders are broken for several people makes me think these are really cheaply made and won't last long, even if intact on arrival. I'm also super irritated that the page protector holes weren't punched properly. Rather than the nice wide oval that you get on the We R Memory Keepers protectors (and most others for that matter) which give you some "give" when turning, these were standard holes, exactly sized for the rings. Which means they turn really tight. But unfortunately, they don't even fit the book. One of the holes is too far to the left, so only two holes actually line up with the enclosed binder. I tried in one of my American Crafts albums and the protectors fit a little better, which makes me thinks the Becky Higgins binders are defective in design and manufacturing.

Maybe I'm bitter because I was already on the fence to begin with, but I really really hate crappy products. At least Amazon will refund it. I still think it's a great idea, and having seen it in person now I love the colors and design. But what a bummer that it is so poorly constructed.

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