Sunday, November 3, 2013

Food Photography 101

I've always envied magazine food writers. Surely they live a utopian existence, writing about incredible food then recreating the experience for the rest of us at home.  Although I'll never be a gourmet chef, sometimes I eat a meal at home or in a restaurant that is so delicious I can't wait to tweet/instagram/facebook about it. Unfortunately, my food shots just don't always look very good, no matter how many warmify filters I add.

I had the chance to begin to remedy this problem with a food photography class. The basics are the same, it's all about lighting, composition and knowing your camera. But with food as our subject, we learned some special tricks about styling, props and angles to really enchance those photos. The only downfall, the food smelled amazing. Never attend a class like this on an empty stomach.

The instructors for our class were Gerardo Luna (photography) and Jen Stewart (styling). Wonderful, friendly teachers - and if you ever get a chance to take a class from either of them I highly recommend it. The setting for our class was the Pelagia Trattoria, located in the Renaissance Hotel at International Mall in Tampa.

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1 comment:

Farrah Estrella said...

It was nice meeting you, this class was fantastic!!..great photos!!